You Can Do More With Rails Console by Configuring ~/.irbrc 🎉

You Can Do More With Rails Console by Configuring ~/.irbrc 🎉 hackernoon.com1 year ago in#Dev Love57

@rishipithadiyaRishi Pithadiya Finding happiness in words, food, places & untold stories ✌🏼 It´s better to wait for a productive programmer to become available than it is to wait for the first available programmer to become productive. — Steve McConnell What is ~/.irbrc file? 🔖 After work with multiple Rails apps, you might have some methods and preferred ways of working with them.  i.e. you’re using few generalized methods or configuration your IRB session(rails console) in a single project and want to have the same methods & configuration on other projects you’re working on, you can add those methods & configuration in your ~/.irbrc file. You can create ~/.irbrc file in your root directory if it’s not present. Things you can include in your ~/.irbrc file 🗄 Configurations which need to be used in all Rails Apps Methods which need to be used in all Rails Apps Require/load specific file(s) or Gem(s) Hacky convenience methods that help you play with your objects My .irbrc file 🧮 require ‘irb/completion’ require ‘rubygems’ ActiveRecord::Base.logger.level = 1 if defined?(ActiveRecord) IRB.conf[:SAVE_HISTORY] = 1000 # Overriding Object class class Object # Easily print methods local to an object’s class def lm (methods – Object.instance_methods).sort end # look up source location of a method def sl(method_name) self.method(method_name).source_location rescue “#{method_name} not found” end # open particular method in vs code def ocode(method_name) file, line = if file && line `code -g ‘#{file}:#{line}’` else “‘#{method_name}’ not found :(Try #{}.lm to see available methods” end end # display method source in rails console def ds(method_name) self.method(method_name).source.display end # open json object in VS Code Editor def oo tempfile = File.join(Rails.root.join(‘tmp’), SecureRandom.hex),’w’) {|f| f 0 we’ll use it. # otherwise set it to 0 count = count 0 ? count : 0 if count 0 from = history_array.length – count history_array = history_array[from..-1] end print history_array.join(“n”) end # copy a string to the clipboard def cp(string) `echo “#{string}” | pbcopy` puts “copied in clipboard” end # reloads the irb console can be useful for debugging .irbrc def reload_irb load File.expand_path(“~/.irbrc”) # will reload rails env if you are running ./script/console reload! if @script_console_running puts “Console Reloaded!” end # opens irbrc in vscode def edit_irb `code ~/.irbrc` if system(“code”) end def bm # From # Call benchmark { } with any block and you get the wallclock runtime # as well as a percent change or – from the last run cur = result = yield print “#{cur = – cur} seconds” puts ” (#{(cur / $last_benchmark * 100).to_i – 100}% change)” rescue puts “” $last_benchmark = cur result end # exit using `q` alias q exit # all available methods explaination def ll puts ‘=============================================================================================================’ puts ‘Welcome to rails console. Here are few list of pre-defined methods you can use.’ puts ‘=============================================================================================================’ puts ‘ ——source location e.g’ puts ‘obj.ocode(:method) —open method in vs code e.g lead.ocode(:name)’ puts ‘obj.dispsoc(:method) -display method source in rails console e.g lead.dispsoc(:name)’ puts ‘obj.oo —————open object json in vs code e.g lead.oo’ puts ‘hist(n) ————–command history e.g hist(10)’ puts ‘cp(str) ————–copy string in clipboard e.g cp(’ puts ‘bm(block) ————benchmarking for block passed as an argument e.g bm { Lead.all.pluck(:stage);0 }’ puts ‘=============================================================================================================’ end How to search awesome .irbrc file created by other devs 📭 Just click on the following URL and it’ll list all ~/.irbrc files created by other GitHub developers,  » Read More

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