Writing is Easy When You Follow your Design Process

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When sharing your design work with the world, we test them with our existing or potential audience. We do this so that we can make sure we great the best product for our audience, and testing allows to check for things that we have missed or might not though we’re needed in the beginning. When we are testing our products we don’t do this to see whether the product is worth creating, unless of course we’re researching the product-market fit, but we share so we can get feedback on how to improve. In the writing process, I follow the same tactics and you could too. There are varying levels of feedback you can get, some may give you feedback on the topic or idea, others may point out missing words and this feedback is very useful. But we don’t want to use this feedback to determine if we should or shouldn’t share our writing at all. If we believe that the topic is interesting and that it has an audience out there then it will always be worth sharing. I tend to focus on the feedback part of the writing process a lot, and it’s the same with my design process. I don’t claim to know everything and I love to hear the ideas and perspectives of others and how I can improve what I’ve created. Also as someone who struggles with grammar and spelling, I must have someone to sense check what I’ve written. Not that I’m embarrassed about making mistakes like this, but I’d rather ask for help and have my writing published first time round on Medium, compared to if I skipped feedback entirely and then had readers leaving comments about weird spelling errors or silly mistakes I’d made. URL Out – https://medium.com/what-liz-learnt/what-i-learnt-this-week-writing-is-easy-when-you-follow-your-design-process-6ea9a6e8dc06Author – medium.comDate – 2019-10-25 22:27:22

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