Writing HTML Sucks and No-code Doesn’t Help

Writing HTML Sucks and No-code Doesn’t Help

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It’s atypical how a lot internet building has complicated during the last ten years. A glimpse of 2012: HTML5 is just followed; the internet is administered by way of . Whatever isn’t run by way of is administered by way of Flash. “Does it paintings in IE6 although?” No modules: the entirety is world. Browserify is getting some traction. “Bundling” is actually concatenating all JS information in combination. If foo.bar doesn’t paintings, take a look at $(foo).bar. No ES6 (and no fetch!). Typescript is a child. CoffeeScript is attractive. No Babel. NPM and Bower begin to get traction. Your bundle.json is ten Node.js is three years previous and everyone needs to rewrite the web with it. The international is finishing I really like coding web pages in 2022! Despite a lot of claims that our tooling was cumbersome and unwieldy, writing the real code were given a lot more uncomplicated and much less irritating. Take HTML/CSS. Ten years in the past, I’d’ve killed for Flexbox by myself. Over the final two years, I wrote 40ok strains of UI code the use of React Tailwind with the entire powers of the trendy internet that I could not know would ever exist. I’ve preferred it such a lot that I could not conceive of any particular primary factor I may ask for. Except one. Why the hell do I’ve to write down it by way of hand? It’s sluggish and it is uninteresting. CSS-X-Fire Here’s some other factor that were given traction round 2012. CSS-X-Fire: inspector at the left, WebStorm at the proper At that time, Firebug, a Firefox extension, was once the go-to in-browser choice of dev equipment, corresponding to a DOM inspector, community logger, JS console, and many others. Chrome was once all of a sudden getting forward of Firefox when it comes to the marketplace proportion, however nonetheless wasn’t the usual dev software for internet builders. Firebug had a odd extension referred to as CSS-X-Fire. It allowed you to edit types for some CSS categories in Firebug, transfer to WebStorm, click on a button, and have all of the ones adjustments stored in your supply code. It felt like magic! Have you ever modified one million issues in dev equipment ad-hoc best to lose them? Besides the particular sensible software, it published a the most important underlying thought to me: if there is a connection between the code and the HTML/CSS it produces, magic would possibly occur. Spoiler: not anything fancy has came about since CSS-X-Fire which itself hasn’t been ported anyplace. EDIT: sort other folks on Hacker News have informed me there may be Devtools Workspaces Inventing on Principle (one cannot merely speak about code/consequence duality with out bringing up Bret Viktor) Same 12 months, 2012, one of the cited tech talks will get revealed. One of the central concepts of the controversy is the rapid connection between this system and its code, successfully permitting you to modify the code by way of interacting with this system. Though this description is relatively uninteresting, so I beg any individual to look at it. The communicate has been discussed over 1300 occasions on Hacker News, making a void within the minds of 1000’s, and inspiring each and every different no-code UI builder in the market. what have you ever finished, viktor When I overlaid that concept of rapid connection on most sensible of internet building, a query popped up in my thoughts: Why are we nonetheless writing HTML by way of hand?  » Read More

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