WordPress Widgets vs. Plugins: What’s the Difference?

https://voltomedia.com/fresh/wp-content/uploads/WordPress-Widgets-vs.-Plugins-What’s-the-Difference.jpg Widgets are, admittedly, a bit more difficult to explain. They are tools that help you add functions, content and segments that your website needs but does not have. Unlike plugins, they are more related to your site design than anything else. It’s hard to come up with a precise definition of what widgets are. It seems that even the WordPress people have difficulties with this one. But let’s try: Some widgets already come with WordPress, by default. These include post categories, tag clouds, search bars, navigation, and so on. If you need these elements, you have to add them, as widgets, to the predefined widget areas. These depend on the theme you’re using, but in most cases they include your website’s sidebar, as well as the footer. It’s important to understand that these widget (or widgetized) areas are always predefined and they represent the only places where you can actually add a widget – you can’t just put one anywhere you want. In the picture below, the blog page has a search bar, recent posts, categories, etc., all located in the sidebar. These were all added as widgets. And this is what it looks like in your admin: The blog sidebar is the most commonly used widget area, and that’s where the majority of used widgets are placed. However, premium themes usually have more widgets, and more widget areas. For example, the Sekko theme comes with the following widgets and widget areas: To add one of the available widgets (located on the left-hand side of the screen) you just need to drag and drop them into a widget area (to the right). For example, you can drag and drop the Cart widget into the Shop Header widget area, place the Categories in the sidebar, and so on. URL Out – https://qodeinteractive.com/magazine/wordpress-widgets-vs-plugins/ Author – qodeinteractive.com Date – 2019-10-21 15:00:36

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