Wordmark Logo Design 101: Why and When to Use Them

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InvestigateDesigners who drive impact have the ability to thoroughly unpack an opportunity. Quantitative Research Designers approach data from a different lens than other disciplines. They have the ability to see human behavior in data. For example, in a tool like Amplitude, you can go through and see what people are doing, where they are leaving. This is where designers can really uncover behaviors and understand how their products are being used. Learn how to use an analytics tool. Learn about different ways to look at customer behavior. Ask a teammate to help you answer a question you have about your product. Learn: Analytics tools, How to view reports that show customer behavior Resources: Why Designers Need to Care about Data, Analytics for Everyone Customer Development Customer development is an undervalued area of skill for all designers. It is a technique originated by Steve Blank that is common in lean startup practice. The idea is that you work with your customers to understand their problems, behaviors and scenarios. You’re building along with them rather than forcing solutions onto them or waiting until you have that solution to validate it. For growth practitioners, customer development can help you identify opportunities. When you interview people about the problem you’re solving or the situation where they might use your product, you are listening for your opportunity to solve pain or confusion. If all of your customer research revolves around solution and usability testing, you are missing the chance to find unmet needs, to solve new problems and to crack growth levers. Learn: How to recruit real customers, How to interview customers around a problem space Resources: “Running Lean” by Ash Maurya, “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” by Steve Blank Competitive Research Many designers do competitive research that’s focused around features or interfaces. There’s a real opportunity for designers to be thinking about competitors in terms of value propositions. Asking: Who’s going to come out of left field and take your company down? What are customers saying about your competitors? What do they find valuable? Who in the market is doing something exceptional that your companies should be paying attention to? Jaime Levy offers a step by step process for this in her book, UX Strategy. She even has a free toolkit online to get you started. Learn: How to do competitive research through the lens of both customer and business value Resource: “UX Strategy” by Jaime Levy URL Out – https://lexroman.com/blog/2019/9/30/practicing-growth-designAuthor – lexroman.comDate – 2019-10-08 18:36:06

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