When Brand Identity Goes Wrong: 5 Embarrassing Mistakes

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Someone once said that marketing is like asking someone out on a date. Branding is the reason they say yes! Just like a lot goes into getting that yes, getting branding right goes through a lot: identity, promise, and signaling. All three are equally as important. These three pillars are not three sides of a triangle, they are more like the RGB components of a color. They blend into each other. Content Cheaping out on design Going after fashion Misalignment with the mission Not thinking of scale Thinking of identity only in visual terms Some companies rely more on their brand promise, much like Toyota which promises a great experience that can outlast its owner at a reasonable price. But you can’t tell it apart from Hyundai the same way you can tell a Mercedes from a BMW. Some other companies like Versace or Supreme rely on their signaling strategy: You buy them because they tell the world something about you. They don’t focus much on their design, they focus on what the design says about the person who’s wearing it. Just like a particular color can have more blue an red then green, a brand can be built on any of the three components more than the others. But what we need to understand though is that while these three components are equally important even if not equally present, Identity always comes first. Because you can get away with a strong identity without a solid brand promise or a signaling strategy. That can work. But it’s pointless to have it the other way around. What’s the point of being known as the best at something if people can’t tell you from your competition. If you mess up brand identity, everything else you do is for nothing. Therefore, let’s all make sure that we think long and hard about it. We’ve thought of some common mistakes that companies make with their branding: 1. Cheaping out on Design
 If you’re serious about your business, you never want your nephew, whom we’re sure is plenty talented, making your branding. Get a designer. If you think that good design costs a lot, you should see the cost of bad design. That’s something we designers say to get people to pay money for our services. But it doesn’t make it wrong. You don’t want to cheap out on design. In the US, you can probably get a decent freelancer to make you a logo for 1000$. Generally, good work will cost around 5k and people always roast designers for these “outlandish prices”. But when you factor in what goes into it, the research, the fine-tuning, the details, you really get what you pay for. I hear you calling us out on this, so here’s are two things that really take time to make sure we’re clear of: Similarity Making sure that no other company in your vicinity or in your field has a logo that is too similar is super important. AI will provide shortcuts to that in the next few years, but as of now, you’re at the mercy of the designer or the agency. We know many people who also confuse Bently and Chrystler for some reason. Logos should be tested too. It’s not about what you or your wife think. It’s about what your customer does. “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” Paul Rand Compliance Ideation for logos can get wild. We need to make sure that the great idea you have can be developed into a version that fits in your website’s Favicon, your app icon, making sure…

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