What’s Wrong With My Website? 5 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

What’s Wrong With My Website? 5 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

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Reading Time: 9 minutes There were times when the number of keywords on a page mattered the most for search ranking. It was long ago. Search engines are constantly improving ranking algorithms. Tricks which worked at least one year ago are no more efficient. It’s difficult enough to follow all the SEO trends as they’re changing too quickly. You may also find it challenging to strike a balance optimizing your website both for people and search engine robots. Considering these facts, it’s not surprising that even experienced marketers and business owners make some mistakes on their way. In this post, I’ll point out the 5 most common SEO mistakes you could have made and tell about the ways of correcting them. 1. Wrong Keywords Although most people already know that keywords quality is more important than their quantity, most of disbelieves are still associated with keywords. It’s not enough to collect all the possible key phrases. Here are some common mistakes people make using keywords: Keywords Irrelevance Not conducting keywords analysis is the first and the biggest SEO mistake. If your keywords aren’t relevant to the purpose of your website, don’t wait for good ranking. Using irrelevant keywords, you won’t reach your potential customers or subscribers. To target your audience, choose more precise key phrases. For instance, if you sell building materials and another site is a blog about building houses, your aims, as well as keywords, will be different. Having a commercial website, you’ll use such phrases as ‘building materials online shop,’ ‘price list of cement,’ ‘order building materials online,’ etc. For an informational site on the same subject, your key phrases will be ‘build house,’ ‘how to build a house,’ ‘can I build a house,’ etc. Now, try to remove topical words from these phrases. ‘Online shop,’ ‘price list,’ and ‘order online’ will be left for a commercial site, and ‘how to,’ and ‘can I’ for informational one. These are the phrases you should use with your topical keywords. Not Tracking Trending Keywords Never create content at random topics. If you want to write a new post, check whether its subject is popular enough. You can use Google Trends for this purpose. Enter the word describing the topic best of all into its search field: Search volume for some keywords may change depending on a season or a country you create your content for. Don’t be surprised if people don’t search for woolen sweaters in Sri Lanka. Trending keywords analysis may not only help you increase your visibility but also check, whether a product, service or information you provide is in demand. High Keyword Difficulty Level This factor is crucial for those who have just entered the niche. Most people think that the higher a keyword search volume is, the more chances to get a high traffic they have. Remember that this rule doesn’t work if you are a new player on the market. If a word is popular enough, then some big brands have already written on this topic. So, you’ll have to take huge efforts to hit the top with your site. At the beginning of your way, you’ve got much more other things to worry about. Start selecting keywords with low or middle keyword difficulty level. You should consider this parameter not to keep struggling for high ranking for years. Of course, you won’t estimate it by yourself. There are several SEO tools,  » Read More

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