What We Shipped: 10 New Features and Updates to Make Using Intercom even Easier

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Over the past few months, we have been hard at work updating and creating new features that make Intercom even more effective for everyone. From new navigation features and refreshed product names to several brand new apps, there’s definitely something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the top releases of the past few months. Introducing Outbound There are a lot of different ways to interact with your visitors and customers using Intercom, and we know from your feedback that sometimes it could be hard to choose the most appropriate variety of message to use. That’s why we made a number of changes and updates to make everything much more intuitive for you. “Messages is now called Outbound because it’s home to more than just messages” Most significantly, Messages is now called Outbound because it’s home to more than just messages. For instance, this is where you will now find Product Tours. Operator and Reports have moved to the main group of options in the left menu, so the features you use most often are all together in one place. Your outbound content is now grouped by type as well, so you can view tours and messages together for a clear picture of what you send your users. There are no longer “visitor auto messages” or “user auto messages”.  Auto messages are now simply called “ongoing messages”, and manual messages are called “one-off messages”. Just create your message, and then select the types of people you’d like to receive it under “Choose your audience”. You will also notice that the sidebar and menu has been updated to create an easy-to-navigate, consolidated Outbound home. This update brings your outbound content into a single place, makes it easier to send tours and messages, and offers more flexibility in how you organize your content. And finally, organization is key, so folders have been upgraded to tags. Instead of putting messages and tours in a folder, you can simply tag them. Plus, a single tour or message can have multiple tags, instead of being limited to a single folder. This allows you more flexibility to organize your outbound content. Bot updates As well as making your Outbound home more intuitive and streamlined, we also made a ton of updates to our bot capabilities in recent months. So let’s take a look at some of the significant updates to bots and what this means for you. Answer Bot for ongoing messages We know that, when it comes to support, having a fast response time makes for a much better customer experience.  But helping customers faster can be difficult when you’re strapped for resources. “You can now increase Answer Bot coverage by using it to reply to new conversations from your ongoing messages” That’s where Answer Bot comes in. With the latest update, you can now increase Answer Bot coverage by using it to reply to new conversations from your ongoing messages. This will allow Answer Bot to cover the most common questions, freeing up your time for more complex customer support needs Answer targeting for Answer Bot We know that you have a ton of different kinds of customers and, naturally, those customers can have a wide range of questions. But the answers you provide will vary based on the language you’re responding in, whether your customer is using iOS or Android, subscription levels, and much more. “You can now make responses to your customers even more personal by limiting answers to specific audience segments” We want to give you more power and control over Answer Bot, so we’ve added our second new…

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