What I Learned from 6 Months Leading a Design System

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#7: Get buy-in from other functions and work together I have always worked under the belief that design shouldn’t only be done by designers. Everyone working on a new product or service plays a role in shaping the design! Designer design. But a good design is almost never created by a designer working in a vacuum. We have to work together with the other functions to not only get their buy-in, but their feedback and opinions as well. This helps shake us out of our bias and forces us to look at something from a different perspective. Pumping out designs from the “design” organization alone won’t work. Once we have conversations with other functions and align on what are the important criteria and why, we feel the distribution of design ownership starting to spread. We are very happy with what we’ve produced in these first 6 months. But for us, this is just a 10% of the whole picture and we can’t rest on our laurels! We still have a lot of work to do, but it is important to take breaks every now and then and recognize your accomplishments and how far you’ve come. Next up: distributing the design system, continuing to develop the big picture strategy, ensuring continued operations of all the various bits and pieces of our current design system, and striving to evolve it in the right direction. It’s impossible to have done this by myself. Credit for the talented people in Bazaar team as well. In no particular order — Dani Mahardhika, M. Ishaq Zainuddin, Dwi Karya Maha Putra, Barata Tampubolon, Ahmad Zakiy, Nurul Furqon, Laila Mauhibah, Krisbianto Cahyo Sumarto, Reza Faiz A. Rahman, Adwin Dwitaufani, Muhammad Hasby, Shellafuri Biru Mardika and Yoel Sumitro URL Out – https://medium.com/bukalapakproductdesign/what-i-learned-from-6-months-leading-a-design-system-for-a-leading-e-commerce-company-cdd3ce9c7156Author – medium.comDate – 2019-10-11 23:16:45

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