Which Technology Stack Should You Use for your Digital Product?

Which Technology Stack Should You Use for your Digital Product?

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We’ve discussed many times the importance of a thorough design process, but once you’ve designed your product, how do you choose the best technologies to build it? A technology stack is a term used to cover the collective programming languages, frameworks and tools used by developers to create mobile and web applications. We often think of an application as being split into two main components: The front end and back end (or sometimes the client-side and server-side). A stack is built from layering one application on top of another. This is built using a combination of code, generic and specific modules. A technology stack can contain many different layers of elements that allow developers to create software solutions.  Tech stacks are usually managed and built using many tools. It is important to choose a tech stack with tools that work with you and that you don’t have to fight with while building your project. Sometimes there isn’t a right or wrong answer from a technical point of view, so if you don’t like a particular tool, then choose a tech stack with a reasonable alternative that performs the same function but that you are more comfortable with.  Making the right choice With such a choice of technology stacks available, it can be easy to become confused when choosing the right one. More often than not, someone will choose a stack simply because it is either the newest or it is the easiest to learn for their development project, but they cannot be sure it is the best choice.  Sometimes the criteria for selection will be a tech stack that developers are already familiar with because they would have worked before with the tools and languages it contains. As time has moved on, new tools and technologies have been created, meaning it is really important that you choose the right technologies for building your project. Some of the factors you should consider when reviewing your technology options are: ease of use cost features and limitations future-proofness cross-platform compatibility ability to integrate with your other technologies and processes security and maintenance required performance and speed scalability availability of support and problem-solving Fifteen years ago it was easier because lots of people used the same technologies, for example ASP.NET on the front end, SQL Server on the backend and .NET on the middle tier.  Project developers these days have to build something more. The need to create something that has flexibility, scalability and security that meets the requirements of the project but is also future-proof. It’s also important to remember that your choice would also impact other aspects of your business, including finance, marketing and HR. The anatomy of your technology stack Before choosing your technology stack, you should carefully consider all the factors you need for your web or app project. Your decisions should be tied into your overall digital strategy. You will need to understand all of your requirements to be able to make the right choice. It can help to look at different tech stacks in use by others today to give you an idea of which tools and elements would work for you.  While it may feel safer to stick with time-proven and familiar technologies,  » Read More

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