Top 5 Mockup Tools for Web Designers in 2020

Top 5 Mockup Tools for Web Designers in 2020 orphicpixel.com3 months ago in #Web Design Love64

by Mars Cureg · April 3, 2020 Whether you’re a professional web designer, graphic designer or are looking for ways to prototype and ideate your own blog or website in 2020, using reliable tools to do so is essential. According to Tech Jury, 48% of people use a website’s design as a deciding credibility factor of an online business, with 73% of companies actively investing in web design to better differentiate from the competition. These numbers are further proven by statistics published by 99 Firms which reported that 94% of negative website feedback is related directly to its design, with 66% of users actively looking for visually appealing websites before they settle on which to follow or purchase from. Thus, whether you find yourself in the shoes of the designer or the business owner, finding reliable, dedicated tools to augment your website’s visuals and functionality in the current year is highly important. That being said, let’s take a look at several of the top website mockup tools for web designers to utilize in 2020 in order to get the most out of their and their clients’ websites. Adobe XD When it comes to heavy-hitting, full-stack website mockup and prototyping tools for web design, you can’t go wrong with Adobe XD. Adobe is well-known for their support of creative design, UX and all things visual throughout the years. With their XD outing, Adobe is enabling web designers to quickly and easily prototype web pages, test their responsive design and change a variety of elements and variables throughout the process with a push of a button. As part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, XD allows for cloud-storage of created prototypes and integration with other tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Bridge just to name a few. In conjunction with dedicated copywriting tools and services such as Classy Essay and Evernote, Adobe XD can effectively transform the way you approach web design ideation, creation and prototyping in 2020 and beyond. ProtoPie An important point of contempt most web designers face sooner or later relates to coding knowledge. A good website design mockup tool should allow for straightforward prototyping and design without that particular know-how, however. ProtoPie is a mockup tool dedicated to seamless and user-friendly website mockup creation in a matter of minutes with no coding knowledge required whatsoever. You can create interactive website mockups through ProtoPie and its UI which can then easily be shared and presented to your clients to avoid unnecessary revisions and fixes once you start the project itself. ProtoPie is one of the more intuitive and flexible free mockup tools on the market, making it useful for both web design novices and established professionals alike. JustInMind Settling for a reliable website design mockup tool that can serve both as a creative playground and prototyping suite can be difficult. However, with tools such as JustInMind available on the market, web design professionals finally have access to full-stack design mockup tools with an expansive array of features and benefits. JustInMind allows for responsive design projects, online web design collaboration as well as a large set of integrations with other mockup tools and design platforms. Jonathan Michael, Head of UX Development at Top Essay Writing had this to say on the topic of website mockups: “You want the tools you rely on to be simple yet flexible,  » Read More

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