The Obvious UI is Often the Best UI #Web Design
6 months ago
The Obvious UI is Often the Best UI

Design clear interactions instead of clever ones, and users will follow Illustration by Thanh Tran, UX Designer Voltaire said, “le sens commun est fort rare”—common sense is very rare. Perhaps to realize that a certain decision is common sense, one has to have enough life experience to know the right path to take , at which point certain choices become common sense and don’t require much analysis. When we talk about common sense with product design, what we now see as strikingly obvious may not have been so apparent to designers when they first started. For a long time, designers have endeavored to make products as easy to use and navigate as possible. However, in order to highlight their products’ features, it has taken time for designers to understand users’ needs and challenges and iterate. Bottom navigation bar = increased usage Google Product Director Luke Wroblewski espoused the design principle…

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