Interview with Chris Gannon #Web Design
4 months ago
Interview with Chris Gannon

Hey Chris, tell us more about your past? Were you always passionate about interactive design? My first and enduring love has always been for animation — the way things can change from one state to another, then another. And there’s often magic in the shapes between those states — how things look on the way from state A and state B. My first computer was a ZX Spectrum in 1982 and one of the first things I did when I got it home was order a magazine that showed how to make 8-bit animations in Basic (the animations were both Basic and basic!). Think Manic Miner style three-state sprite animations — wobbly monsters, angry toilets, glowing fruit. Fast forward a bit and I upgraded to Ataris and Amigas running music software like Octamed and Cubase and pretty soon I had my first Apple Mac 8200 with a cracked copy of…

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