Build in-demand skills in Northwestern’s online MS in Information Design

Build in-demand skills in Northwestern’s online MS in Information Design designerup.co2 weeks ago in #Web Design Love62

After working with many designers throughout my own career and helping many more build their job ready portfolios, there are a few designers that I keep coming back to for inspiration and some that are inspiring a new generation of UI/UX and Product Designers to enter the field. I’ve chosen 10 of our favorite UI/UX and Product Designers—a colorful tapestry of digital product architects that have evolved from graphic designers, marketers, architects, engineers and everything in-between. Their unique backgrounds and journey bring something special to our industry and illustrate how we can all do more meaningful, interesting and impactful work: There are 10 things in particular that make these 10 designers really stand out: They have each honed their craft from the bottom up (whether having gone through a traditional academic program, an online course like DesignerUp, or being self-taught) They are all at different stages of their careers (some newly minted and others seasoned veterans) They continue to learn, grow, push the envelope, document and share their genuine experiences They each hail from a different background (and sometimes non-design industry) that informs who they are and what they work on as a designer Their evolution is apparent in their work They are passionate about the problems they solve and find joy in connecting with the users they serve They are transparent about their processes, thoughtful in their communication about it and not afraid to show what worked and what didn’t They have focused portfolios that reveal their unique point of view as a designer They are a diverse group of designers from different cultural, gender and socio-economic backgrounds They have so much to teach us all about design and how to use it to express authenticity and to understand and help others do the same  Case Study Format: The Challenge Kickoff Early Insights Discovery Reframing the Problem The Redesign Design Strategy The Launch The Impact “In a city as busy as San Francisco, over $1 million was wasted per week because of problematic pickups.” Case Study Format: Introduction Project Structure Discover Define Develop Deliver Future Steps Design Feedback I have always been intrigued by the psychology behind people’s problems and behaviours. This particular interest drove me to pursue a career in UX Johny Vino Not an Italian mobster; Johny Vino is an engineers’ designer. I’ve been a long time admirer of his work every since his mind-blowing animations and micro-interactions arrested me mid Dribbble scroll many years ago. He is a thoughtful, meticulous designer that understands how to align user and business goals all while transmuting conventional interaction patterns into something that is altogether transcendent yet familiar. Case Study Format: Process, Goal and Task Oriented that varies with each project What he worked on What he aim to accomplish Business Goals Representation of complex data Integration Humans are not perfect. I like to apply 3 principles to ever product I design to help me focus on that.  » Read More

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