5 Golden Rules of Writing Content for your Blog

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Blogging became a popular way of self-advertisement and building a personal brand. At the same time, it remains the best mean of delivering useful information to the audience. Launching your personal blog has never been so easy as it is today. With such platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, or Tumblr, everyone can try to be a blogger. No doubts, there are different perks of such activity on the internet. Firstly, you can share your passion and gain authority as a specialist os a particular niche. Secondly, you can get acquainted with people who have the same interests. All in all, you may earn some extra money or even make it your primary job. Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash However, not every blog on the internet is successful and leads his owner to the benefits as mentioned above. You will probably ask: “Why?”, and the answer could be not as simple as it may seem at a glance. Among reasons why so many blogs fail is giving up in the begging is maybe the most popular. In addition, Andy Crestodina, co-founder of the marketing company, states that ignoring SEO principles, low-quality content, not a user-friendly design and too many paid advertisements contribute a lot to the failure. Content remains a crucial part of every blog, as it is generally the main reason why the blog has been created. Let’s focus on these five golden rules to stay sure “Content is a King” of your page. Use the juicy language of your audience Whether you are writing for students, young moms, or specialists of a particular branch, you should use the language they are speaking. The key here is to specify the portrait of your target reader as much as you can. Answer such questions like “How do my reader look like?”, “What music does he listen to?” “What journals does he read?” “What can be interesting for him?” and, of course, “What’s his purpose of visiting my blog?”. After that, you will understand how to address your audience correctly and retain the followers. Ground Research Before posting a fresh piece of information, spend some time making research on the topic. You never know whether something on that theme wasn’t posted already. Follow all the competitors, and prominent blog of the niche, as it may help you not to waste time writing about the same things. Even if your idea may seem a total novelty, half an hour of researching the topic in the search engine will make it only better. More Pictures, More Readers People of the 21st century are visuals, for sure. Adding some bright pictures or videos is always a good idea. Visual content makes your blog post look more attractive and reachable not only for readers but for the search bots as well. Articles spiced with plenty of high-resolution photos are more likely to enter the first pages through their search queries. A tricky thing here is author rights. You should use only copyright free images, or ask the holder for permission. You can find the most suitable multimedia platform like Unplash or GettyImages as well as make visual content on your own. Proofread twice No one wants to read articles with typos, mistakes, and bad formatting. Even if it seems to be so obvious, not everyone edits the text before posting. As a result, the internet is full of low-quality blog articles which do not worth reading them.  » Read More

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