43 Habits of Successful Web Designers

Every web designer has dreamed about running a profitable business. One that feels light, easy to run and dare I say fun. Over many years I’ve come to realize the web designers who create a profitable and fun business have very specific habits they tend to follow. While you may be thinking they have their lead generation funnel dialed in and they’ve been lucky with big clients, those aren’t the habits that ultimately made them successful. So if you have experienced any of the following: no idea of where to find your next client clients who don’t pay what you’re worth being bogged down by work you’re not enjoying working long hours with little to show for it and clients who delay projects … these habits are for you. If you not only want to create a business that you love but also be able to enjoy your life at the same time, start incorporating these strategies and you’ll notice a difference in your mood, motivation, and of course, profits. As a Portable Entrepreneur I want you to be exactly that…an entrepreneur, not buried in client work from the wrong clients and not having any fun. So let’s transform your business and start having fun again with these 43 habits… #43 Design your business from the beginning with intention. Close your eyes and imagine you are already successful in your business. What would that look like? How much money would you be making? How many hours would you be working? What types of clients would you be serving? What tasks would you (and would you not) be doing in your business? Most of us determine what success looks like with a dollar amount. That’s a dangerous path as it doesn’t consider our lifestyle at all. It’s easy to unintentionally build a business you don’t actually enjoy so while your business may be financially successful, you secretly hate it. #42 Create a goal range. It’s easy to say you want to make $10,000, $20,000 or more a month. And you know what, there is absolutely no problem with that goal. You can do it. The problem is that when you sit down to work without even $1 in income, that goal can feel daunting. This means if progress is not made quickly, overwhelm sets in and motivation fades quickly. Let’s combat this by creating a range of goals. When looking at income goals I like to create 3 different targets: Minimum success goalThis is the minimum amount of money you need to make in order for your business to be successful. For example, this could be the amount of money you need to cover your basic expenses. Middle-of-the-road goalThis is exactly as it sounds. This goal gives your pocketbook some extra padding but doesn’t feel totally out of this world to achieve. Crazy-scary-good goalThis is the goal that will put you on top of the world when you achieve it even though you may not be sure of the steps you need to take to reach it just yet. Now aim for your crazy-scary-good goal and if you fall short, you’re still successful as you’ve hit one of your other targets. Most of us create one goal, aim for it, fall short and then beat ourselves up when it’s not enough to cover the minimum. The problem here is not that we haven’t reached our goal,  » Read More

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