10 Coded Animated Scenes for Halloween Design Inspiration #Web Design

5 months ago
10 Coded Animated Scenes for Halloween Design Inspiration

If you have been hunting around for some Halloween design ideas and inspiration, we have created a collection of animated scenes to help you out. Some of them may give you the chills, but most will make you chuckle. With this Haloween-themed collection, we promise you plenty of coding tricks and treats! There are so many tiny elements that it is difficult to take your eyes off this animated Halloween scene. You can see a witch preparing a potion, a cat is enjoying the night sky, a bottle is leaking, and a spider is slowly crawling. Pay attention to the window, since something white and ghoulish is coming. This is a real Halloween coding masterpiece! See the Pen Little Witch by agathaco on This fantastic Halloween scene has been enriched with some tremendous interactive features. Click on the moon to reveal the spooky creatures that inhabit the castle. See the…

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