Web Design Trends: That 90s Look is Coming Back

Until a few years ago, the symmetrical arrangement of elements was the standard of design. Every single line on a page had to be perfectly placed, and a well-balanced composition was the only thing considered aesthetically pleasing. With the 90s look back, you can forget about all that. These days, it’s all about asymmetry. While this technique may be a bit provocative, it’s most definitely impactful. With each scroll, something surprising happens. The letters are moving, a video starts to play, the faces on images appear and, as you scroll away, they disappear, one element overlaps the other, etc… It may seem like it’s all a bit too much, but it’s actually refreshing to see a website like this one. There’s a lot of content on each page, but the minute you start scrolling, the fun starts, and you never want it to end. URL Out – https://qodeinteractive.com/magazine/web-design-90s-look/Author – qodeinteractive.comDate – 2019-10-22 02:07:20

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