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Like most 80s kids, my first gaming system was an NES. But I became quite the rebel when I purchased my second system, a Sega Genesis. The console wars were in full force, and I was one of only a handful at my school to join the dark side of Sega, as opposed to the much more popular Super Nintendo. The Sega Genesis was my first big purchase as a kid, and I mowed yards all summer long (along with selling my NES in a garage sale) to place my $189.99 order from the Sears Catalog. I’m not much of a gamer nowadays (4 kids will do that to you), but I still have my old Sega Genesis stored away, just waiting to be re-discovered. This list covers the second (1976) through eighth (present) generation consoles. According to Wikipedia, there were 687 first-generation consoles produced, so I decided that was a rabbit hole I didn’t want to enter. I had fun designing the page to look like an old video game ad or one of those posters that came in Nintendo Power. The TV screen borders even made me nostalgic for playing games on an old crappy 19-inch TV. As always, let me know if I missed something. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer 1993 Amstrad GX4000 1990 APF Imagination Machine 1979 APF-MP1000 1978 Apple Bandai Pippin 1995 Atari 2600 1977 Atari 5200 1982 Atari 7800 1986 Atari XEGS 1987 Atari Jaguar 1993 Atari Jaguar CD 1995 Bandai Super Vision 8000 1979 Bandai Playdia 1994 Capcom CPS Changer 1994 Casio PV-1000 1983 Casio Loopy 1995 ColecoVision 1982 Commodore 64 1990 Commodore CDTV 1991 Commodore Amiga CD32 1993 Daewoo Electronics Zemmix 1983 Emerson Arcadia 2001 1982 Emerson Leisure Vision 1982 Epoch Cassette Vision 1981 Epoch Super Cassette Vision 1984 Fairchild Channel F 1976 Fujitsu FM Towns Marty 1993 Funtech Super A’Can 1995 Gakken Compact Vision TV Boy 1983 Interton VC 4000 1978 Konami Picno 1993 Konix Multisystem 1989 LJN Video Art 1985 Magnavox Odyssey2 1978 Mattel Intellivision 1980 Mattel HyperScan 2006 Memorex VIS 1992 Midway Bally Astrocade 1977 Microsoft Xbox 2001 Microsoft Xbox 360 2005 Microsoft Xbox One 2013 Milton Bradley Vectrex 1982 NEC PC Engine 1987 NEC TurboGrafx-16 1987 NEC Super CD-ROM2 1988 NEC SuperGrafx2 1989 NEC PC-FX 1994 Nichibutsu My Vision 1983 Nintendo Entertainment System 1983 Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) 1983 Nintendo Super Nintendo 1990 Nintendo Super Famicom 1990 Nintendo Satellaview 1995 Nintendo 64 1996 Nintendo 64DD 1999 Nintendo GameCube 2001 Nintendo iQue Player 2003 Nintendo Wii 2006 Nintendo Wii U 2012 Nintendo Switch 2017 Philips Videopac+ G7400 1983 Philips CD-i 1991 Pioneer LaserActive 1993 Pioneer LaserActive Mega LD 1993 RCA Studio II 1977 RDI Halcyon 1985 Sega SG-1000 1983 Sega Mark III 1985 Sega Master System 1985 Sega Tyco Video Driver 1988 Sega Genesis 1988 Sega Mega Drive 1988 Sega CD 1991 Sega Mega CD 1991 Sega Mega CD 2 1993 Sega Pico 1993 Sega 32x 1994 Sega Saturn 1994 Sega Dreamcast 1998 Sega Advanced Pico Beena 2005 SNK Neo-Geo AES 1990 SNK Neo-Geo CD 1994 Sony PlayStation 1994 Sony PlayStation 2 2000 Sony PlayStation 3 2006 Sony PlayStation 4 2013 SSD Xavix PORT 2004 Takara Video Challenger 1987 Tomy Tutor 1983 Ultravision Video Arcade System 1983 View-Master Interactive Vision 1988 VM Labs Nuon 2000 VTech CreatiVision 1981 VTech Socrates 1988 VTech V.Smile 2004 VTech V.Flash 2006 Worlds of Wonder Action Max 1987 ZAPiT Game Wave 2005 Zeebo 2009 URL Out – – reaganray.comDate – 2019-11-19 01:37:50

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