The League of Evil Designers #UX
6 months ago
The League of Evil Designers

“So, you want to join the league of evil designers? Come in, sit down. Is the chair uncomfortable? Good. Let’s go through your application. Ah, 2 years in online casinos? Not bad. Nice touch with the ol’ button switcharoo for users trying to cancel a subscription service! And what else… Non-consensual microphone activation for targeted ads? Very impressive. You’ll fit right in! When can you start? We need all the help we can get with mass collecting personal data. Well, that, and removing all visual indications that something is interactive. Isn’t it the best when people get all confused and frustrated? Oh by the way, we get together on Saturdays to watch them fail.” Over the last few years, we’ve become disillusioned with services we once touted as revolutionary. Like French peasants watching Robespierre’s rise to power, we realised that the movement that gave us so much freedom also spawned…

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