Redesigning the Zoom Experience

Redesigning the Zoom Experience medium.com4 days ago in #UX Love63

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting countries across the world, everyone has now switched to video meetings. Be it for your official meetings, webinars, entertainment sessions — video meetings are the new normal. We saw these video meeting applications becoming popular during the crisis, especially Zoom. It has become one of the most popular apps on Google Play and Apple App Store in the world. Needless to say, the Zoom app saw tremendous growth in its stock. I had my first experience with Zoom in 2016 when I had to attend a meeting with one of the clients for a design brief. My second experience with Zoom was a few days back. And to my surprise, the app has largely remained the same. In my opinion, there are a LOT of problems with the current experience. Because of the crisis, the elderly have also started interacting with their friends and family on such apps. One of my uncles also had to go through the Zoom experience and his experience was also very bad. I decided to improve the current experience of the Zoom app. I have also tried to list down all the issues I see in the world-famous app and how I have tried to address these issues. Let us get started. Imagine you are invited to a Zoom meeting. You get an email from the host with the invite link. The meeting is scheduled for two days later. The D day arrives, you click on the link. A new browser window opens up. The browser prompts you to download the Zoom app. If you already have the app installed, it opens up the Zoom app and you see a screen as shown below. The pre-meeting screen where you land when you click the Zoom meeting link Okay. Let us try to understand this screen. I see this obstructing popup which basically asks me to test the audio and it basically shows me only one option to join the meeting with computer audio. Every time I join a Zoom meeting — this popup hinders my screen. Okay, so I do a very tiny checkbox to basically hide this popup for the future. If I talk about my uncle who is in his 50s, he would expect the meeting to start right away. I mean, for him, he should just click the meeting link and boom the meeting should start. But he faces this popup and as a layman, he has no clue what’s happening. Let us go ahead. I click on Join with Computer Audio. Post clicking the Join with Computer Audio button, I get this screen So now I have this screen. The popup’s gone and I see too much text, three big icons and a black toolbar. Let us drill down this screen. The text information basically has a meeting name, hostname, meeting password, meeting URL, and participant ID. All this information is not that of use to me. The big icons are Join Audio, Share, and Invite Others. Join Audio — I think I performed this action in the first popup as well. I have literally opted for computer audio a few seconds ago. Why would I need to perform this action again? Repetitive action. This could have been added in a subtle way rather than a big icon.  » Read More

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