How I Redesigned my College’s Students Application

How I Redesigned my College’s Students Application medium.com3 weeks ago in #UX Love21

In this case study, I’ll be sharing my process that went into the redesign of IIT Madras’ Students App. This case study is a personal project and the output is solely a work of my research and design. Understanding the problem User Research Information architecture Wireframing Testing wireframes Visual design and Prototyping Iterations If you are not from IIT Madras you probably wouldn’t have. Let’s start with an introduction to the product. It is an application aimed at making a student’s college life easier. Get notified about the events happening in the institute. Search for other students and staff using the name or roll number. See academic calendar See the time-table See what’s cooking in the mess See what coupon codes are valid at shops/restaurants exclusively for IITans Get a list of important contacts Students can add any college-related complaints here Access their electronically generated ID card directly from the app Sounds helpful. Doesn’t it? Me being a frequent user of the app felt that the overall experience of using the app can get better, there are a couple of pain points that I identified. The first screen I see on opening the app is the notification page, which can be annoying at times. The app lacks a proper home page. The information laid out isn’t easily understandable. Especially the notification page where events are shown, the whats, whens and wheres can be presented in a way that is easy to understand. Hamburger menu to explore choices is placed at the top-left corner and the most unused choices are placed at the bottom navigation bar. User Interface looks outdated. My primary goal is to improve the entire experience of using the app along with ensuring what the users actually need for which I’ll be doing the UX process from scratch. I conducted a survey using google forms to get an idea about how people use the app. The survey results showed that 30% use it to check the mess menu 10.3% use it to view time-table 25% use it to search for people 26.7% use it for all the above purposes and 8% don’t have the app installed 82.8% of people were confused about which menu belongs to which mess. The current naming system mentions menu as mess menu 1 and mess menu 2, no one would love taking that extra cognitive load to remember which messes serve menu 1 and which serve menu 2 (I was never sure of the menu before going to the mess if I didn’t ask my friends who already ate, the existing naming system needs improvement) These numbers gave me a rough idea of the usage and some pain points. I have created 4 user personas, named them according to their regular lifestyle and drew their visual representations. The personas range from 17- 25 years of age and all are assumed to be familiar with the technology. Identifying the needs from the personas.  » Read More

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