How a Simple UX Design Can Take your App to the Top

How a Simple UX Design Can Take your App to the Top designdrizzle.com2 weeks ago in #UX Love52

Usability and on-boarding experience define how good or useful your app is. If your app offers an immersive and extensive experience, then the chances of conversion go up, and you get better results. User experience defines how good or bad your app is, and whether or not your app will get the desired conversions. According to statistics, the experience will be the key differentiator for mobile apps. How good an experience you offer will dictate the conversions for your mobile app. The visit to lead conversions will see a 400% increase with a good experience. To make sure your app is likable, easy to use, and functional, you need a good on-boarding experience, which is a result of good UX design. When we say good, we also mean that you need to keep it as simple and specific as possible to increase conversions and improve app usability. Here, we will take you through the simple steps that will help you cater to the simple UX design needs, and get your app to the top of the market. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should invest in user experience for the mobile app. Benefits of User Experience The user experience is important for customer on-boarding and enhancing their interest in your mobile app. This will increase customer satisfaction, leading to more downloads and improving user loyalty. Basically, if the app is engaging and useful, it increases the interest levels and improves the experience When you offer or rather boost user experience, you are also focusing on the customer’s requirements. You study their usage patterns, and try to imbibe the same in your mobile app. as a result, your app is usable, and increases the user’s engagement, thus leading to the better audience base When you have a mobile app that boosts user experience, you tend to grow as a brand as well. Your brand name is associated with mobile visibility, which builds trust and reputation for you. as a result, you will be able to garner maximum reach through the mobile app solution. Basically an experiential app offers trust, increases user base, and improves the usability of the mobile app, thus exceeding customer expectations. Now that you know how the user experience boosts your mobile app conversions, it is important to know how to introduce a simple user experience design into your mobile app. Designing a Successful User Experience 1. Keep it Uniform The first need for successful user experience is maintaining uniformity. You ought to make sure that all the elements in your design are uniform across the pages. If you have headers that are blue in color, then you need to maintain its uniformity. If you have headlines and normal lines in different fonts, then make sure you have defined the fonts, and maintain the uniformity throughout the app. this will help engage the users better. If they find different fonts, colors, and even sizes through the app pages, they will not be able to maintain their interest in the mobile app, which can result in user attrition eventually. 2. Keep it Simple As we have already discussed, it is important to maintain the design simplicity if you want to maximize the conversion for your mobile app solution. The simple design includes standard interfaces and intuitive designs. If the user has been looking at login screens with login credentials or social signup,  » Read More

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