Hierarchy of needs in UX #UX

4 months ago
Hierarchy of needs in UX

https://voltomedia.com/fresh/wp-content/uploads/Are-you-going-to-miss-these-Black-Friday-deals-for.png In order for a product or an experience design to be successful, it must meet people’s basic needs before it can attempt to satisfy higher-level needs. This is termed as the hierarchy of needs principle, which specifies that a design must serve the low-level needs (e.g., it must function), before the higher-level needs. Good designs follow the hierarchy of needs principle, whereas poor designs may attempt to meet needs from the various levels without building on the lower levels of the hierarchy first. The five key levels of needs in the hierarchy are described below. Hierarchy of needs for a product to be designed with Designs of little or no value Functionality needs have to do with meeting the most basic design requirements. For example, a video recorder must, at a minimum, provide the capability to record, play, and rewind recorded programs. Designs at this level are perceived to…

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