Five Common User Research Mistakes #UX
3 months ago
Five Common User Research Mistakes

A vital element of any new product cycle is user research. Miss it out at your peril or even worse; do it but do it badly. It sounds easy enough, ask a few questions, get a few surveys filled in and you can say you’ve done user research. However, it is precisely because organisations falsely believe this stage of the process is simple enough and don’t allocate sufficient time or resources that they risk achieving the opposite – a costly mistake. The first thing you should do, before anything else, is conduct a UX audit of your products and platforms in order to achieve a proper understanding of how things stand for you right now. If you’re passionate about quality user research that adds value, we’ve identified 5 common user research mistakes that your organisation should avoid: 1. Research that is all over the place If you are looking to…

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