Experimenting with RGBW Color Mixing #UX

2 months ago
Experimenting with RGBW Color Mixing

For my latest project, I wanted to use RGBW LEDs instead of just RGB ones. As they have some interesting advantages over RGB that I wanted to explore: A more accurate representation of whiteA wider color spectrum This only works with somewhat desaturated colors. But at the end of the post I have some ideas that might help to work around that. This would allow for better lighting of surfaces as well as more natural-looking colors. Why that is and how we get there is what I will try to explain below: What is color exactly?Light and color Light or visible light to be precise is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 400-700 nanometers. Electromagnetic radiation means that the wave got a magnetic as well as an electric field which both oscillate at the same time. Such a wave is emitted when an electron transitions from a…

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