6 Steps for a Better Product Design Workflow #UX

2 months ago
6 Steps for a Better Product Design Workflow

Generally speaking, because of time-constraints, lo-fi and hi-fi comps are the most recurring deliverables during the product design process but no -or very few- interactions are detailed or designed.Then, the rest of the story could go like this: Prototypes are quickly built (using the highly desirable and sexy Hi-Fi comps) because Stakeholders want to see «the final result» and «cannot project themselves without the sketch file». But eventually, the team members take a step back and imagine another solution, so the designer goes back into sketch, spends two hours modifying the latest version… and so on and so forth. For sure. This solution has the advantage to give a final overview of the look and feel of the user interface. But it is far from ideal if the team wants to streamline the work and gain in speed and efficiency. Moreover, designers generally hate updating the Hi-Fi screens with heavy…

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