4 Customer Retention Emails that Reduce Churn

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Marketing is all about continuously drawing in new leads and convincing them to make the conversion to customer and ultimately brand advocate. Although moving each new lead through the customer lifecycle isn’t all that difficult, not every new lead is going to make a purchase and keep coming back for more. Furthermore, not every email subscriber is going to stick around for the long term. Customer retention is vital throughout the customer lifecycle. When it comes to your email marketing efforts, there are several types of customer retention emails that can help you reduce churn. Why customer retention is crucial Take a minute and think about the customer lifecycle. You begin the cycle by bringing brand awareness to a new lead, start engaging with them until they begin to consider making a conversion (either to subscriber or customer). The traditional marketing funnel ended right there, right after the conversion was made. However, it’s vital to point out that the customer lifecycle doesn’t have an end. These days, the customer lifecycle is continuous. The customer lifecycle goes on to include a post-purchase phase and a brand advocacy stage before the cycle begins anew. To move from the purchase phase through to the post-purchase and advocacy stages, you need to pay particular attention to your customer retention. Customer retention is the act of creating return customers. However, contrary to popular belief, customer retention isn’t a singular action. It’s a collection of different marketing tactics that are used to: Bring previous customers back to your brand Re-engage your inactive subscribers Prevent customer churn Since customer retention affects every aspect of your marketing strategy, it can be a bit confusing to keep all the terms straight. When it comes to your email marketing efforts, there are two terms in particular that you’ll want to know: customer retention and customer churn. Customer retention vs. customer churn: What’s the difference? We bring up these two terms because, oftentimes, people use them interchangeably. Now, the experienced marketer already understands that customer retention and customer churn are two very different things. That’s why we think a quick recap is in order: Customer retention in email marketing: this term is a part of retention email marketing, which utilizes various email campaigns to either reintroduce your brand to customers past or re-engage with those who have gone inactive. Customer churn in email marketing: churn in email marketing is often referred to as subscriber churn. This refers to the percentage of email subscribers who choose to opt out of your email list. What gets many confused is the fact that both terms fall under the umbrella term of customer retention. Each of these methods is intended to help with your email subscriber retention rates by decreasing overall subscriber churn rates. You work hard to build your email list, and subscriber churn is more than frustrating. Unfortunately, nearly 25% of your subscriber list will churn each year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize your retention emails to help reduce those churn numbers. 4 customer retention emails to help reduce churn Customer retention is a process that needs to be practiced throughout the customer lifecycle. While it’s especially crucial after a purchase has been made when it comes to email marketing, it needs to be practiced as soon as your new lead makes the conversion from viewer to a subscriber.  » Read More

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