User Research Without Interviews

A bit of background first. Our Chrome extension allows Product Managers and QA testers to record their screen, while it automatically gathers technical data in the background. That way engineers can get better bug reports and troubleshoot faster. Despite the fact that you can record your screen with our tool, we are not competing in the domain of general-purpose screen recording. (Side note: if you are interested in the topic of positioning, you should watch a talk by Ryan Singer from Basecamp.) Nonetheless, we do take an occasional look at “regular” screen recording tools. Partly because our user research showed that some of our customers used less specialized tools before. One of them is Loom. When we tried Loom, we noticed that they allow users to leave comments and reactions connected to a particular second in the video. We can’t know for sure the reason behind those features (especially time-based reactions). Our guess was that it is done to make the videos more “viral” and encourage communication between viewers. It didn’t sound like a feature our target audience would appreciate, but we decided to double-check that in the next user research interview. We were right. Our interviewee was not interested in that. BUT! They did mention that leaving comments connected to a specific technical log would be useful. That’s how looking at other products helped us learn our own customers better. URL Out – – birdeatsbug.comDate – 2019-12-21 12:20:06

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