Interactivity and Animation with Variable Fonts #Typography
4 months ago
Interactivity and Animation with Variable Fonts

If you read Jason’s introductory article about variable fonts, you’ll understand the many benefits and opportunities that they offer in modern web development. From this point on we’ll assume that you have either read Jason’s introduction or have some prior knowledge of variable fonts so we can skip over the getting started information. If you haven’t read up on variable fonts before jump over to “Introduction to Variable Fonts: Everything you thought you knew about fonts just changed” first and then come join me back here so we can dive into using variable fonts for interactivity and animations! Creative Opportunities If we can use variable fonts to improve the performance of our websites while increasing the amount of style variations available to us, it means that we no longer need to trade off design for performance. Creativity can be the driving force behind our decisions, rather than performance and technical…

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