19 JS Libraries/Plugins for Typography

Typography is an integral part of website design. The typography and fonts you use play a huge role in multiple aspects of a website design. It affects factors such as readability, user experience, and even the perceived length of an article or page. It is very important that web designers get it right with typography to adequately convey the purpose of the website and its content.  As with almost every part of web design, there are several tools available to help make you more effective. Typography is no different.  In this article, we would be looking at 20 JS Libraries/Plugins for typography to help you create awesome web pages. Some of these tools even deal with the dreaded stuff like widows and orphans.  1. FlowType.js FlowType is a responsive jquery plugin that helps you to automatically resize font size based on a specific element’s width. For website typography to be readable, there should be approximately 45 to 75 characters per line. For most screens with only CSS media queries, this can be difficult to achieve. Flowtype adjusts your font size to ensure that there is a perfect character count per line no matter the kind of screen or browser the reader is using. 2. Blast.js Blast.js allows you to do: typographic animation, juxtaposition, styling, search, and analysis. The tool allows you to separate text to enable typographic manipulation. It has character, word, sentence, and element delimiters built-in. Blast also matches phrases and custom regular expressions.  3. Textillate.js Textillate.js is a simple plugin for creating CSS3 text animations. The plugin combines different libraries to help apply CSS3 animations to any text. To make use of it, all you need to do is add textillate.js and its dependencies to your project.  4. Widowtamer.js Widowtamer.js is a JavaScript plugin that would automatically fix typography widows on your web pages. The plugin is designed to work with only responsive sites.  5. jQuery WidowFix JQuery WidowFix is a jQuery plugin to help you fix widows. It fixes them by adding a nonbreaking space between the last two words. The tool is lightweight and easy to use.  6. Slab Text Slab Text is a jQuery plugin to help you create big, bold headlines. You can also resize your viewport width so that regardless of the viewport size, the combinations of words within your headline will remain on the same line. 7. Kerning.js Kerning.js is a simple jQuery script that allows you to scale your web type with real CSS rules automatically. It comes with no dependencies so when you add it to your web page and add some CSS rules, your page will be automatically beautified.  8. Lettering.js Lettering.js is a jQuery plugin for radical web typography. The plugin offers you complete down-to-the-letter control. Some of the things that can easily be done with Lettering.js are Kerning Type, Editorial Design, and Manageable Code. 9. React Text Gradient React Text Gradient is a cool plugin that allows you to add text gradients to your site. It’s a React component that creates text gradients with CSS. The component will detect if a website background-clip is available and would then apply the gradient over the text.   » Read More

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