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In this post, we will show you the top cybersecurity trends every web developer should expect in 2020. Web development and cybersecurity go hand in hand. Being a web developer, the security of the websites you build for your clients should matter to you. 2019 has come and is now over, what should be expected in the coming year? The last year saw the invent of digital asset theft and a massive increase in the rate of phishing attacks. Hackers were able to bypass 2FA authentication and form jacking increased. At the end of the year, you can agree that cybersecurity is still an issue for websites. It is still important to be on alert. Top Cybersecurity Trends for Web Developers Therefore, below are top cybersecurity trends you should expect in 2020; Cyber Attacks With AI In current times, it is impossible to underestimate the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in technology. A major trend web developers should expect in 2020 is the use of this AI in cyber attacks which includes, hacking, phishing, and others. With AI, cyber attacks can be done on a very large scale. Cyber criminals who carry out these cyber attacks do so with the information gotten by themselves. But with AI gathering this information for them, the work becomes easier as the entire process is now automated. AI can be used to impersonate people, they study the online behaviors of individuals such that they can perfectly replicate it. Also, this makes it difficult for malware to be detected. They operate very fast and are constantly evolving. As a web developer, this puts your websites and client websites at risk of a security breach and the traditional security measures you know might not stop them. 5G Network Though not released globally, the 5G network has already been deployed in some countries. Possibly by 2020, this next-generation network might reach more users as it is set to be deployed in top countries such as Canada, India, Japan, and Argentina. Intel reports that the roll-out of 5G is set to kick off in the year 2020. As a web developer or web designer, you should be prepared for the advent of this network because it does have some effects on the entire web. Normally, web developers do not add some heavy elements as they may incur more loading time and affect user experience. With 5G, websites will load a lot faster and latency will be reduced. This means that as a web designer, you can implement more elements in your web designs especially visual ones. The effects of 5G will be felt more on mobile devices as the network was primarily built for them. Demand in Web Security Skills Web security has always been a concern for web developers as websites face different online threats. A Shopify application security engineer, Kristina Balaam talked about web security fundamentals for web developers on YouTube. According to her, most web developers are not bothered about web security issues because they feel that only the big websites get targeted. That is wrong because any website can get cyber attacked, on average, websites gets attacked 44 times per day. Going into 2020, web developers are expected to be well knowledgeable about website security as clients would need people who can build a secure website. Cyber Defence with Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence (AI) Just as cyber-attacks with AI are expected in 2020, cyber defense with AI is also expected to improve. The AI concept in cyber technology goes both ways – negative and positive. Web developers should be very much aware of this trend…

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