Top 7 JQuery Free Admin Templates

Recently we decided to make our templates jQuery-free. To support and explain our decision we published the article “Why We Removed jQuery from Our Templates?”. The article, in short, is saying that times of browser wartime has passed. So you can have all jQuery functionality using plain JavaScript. Plus the use of jQuery slows down the download of your app. We have tons of different reviews on our blog. We have the list of React admins, Vue templates, React Native Starters, a collection of online tools, component kits, open-source projects, frameworks, libraries, etc. So naturally, we apply the same logic here. Enjoy the list of admin dashboard templates without jQuery dependencies. In Flatlogic we create web & mobile application templates built with React, Vue, Angular and React Native to help you develop web & mobile apps faster. Go and check out yourself!See our themes! All the products represented here have high-quality designs, built with React, Vue or Angular, and have a wide variety of widgets, components, and UI elements. Even though we provide a short description for every item in the list, the best way to choose a template that suits you is to check out the demo and documentation. Sing App VueImage source: This beautifully designed template is perfect for future scaling. It jampacked with all sorts of widgets, components, and plugins. You can check out navbar and sidebar color scheme customization and fixed or static navbar type in the demo. The template uses Bootstrap 4 and the latest version of Vue.js. A responsive layout is a guarantee that your future app will have a great look at a huge variety of devices. Sing App has an elegant design. It is a simple yet powerful tool to kickstart your application. DemoDocumentationLearn More Falcon – Admin DashboardImage source: One more admin template without jQuery dependency. Falcon developers used Prettier as a code formatter. As a result, you can have a consistent codebase. All pages are interactive, the template was built with React 16 using Babel and ES6. This admin template is rather new, and it was updated recently. With this template, you can create a perfect admin panel to manage your web app. The design is optimized for every device. The package includes the standard set of components and UI elements. DemoLearn More React Material AdminImage source: Having plenty of features and components React Material Admin is a five-star React template relatively new to the market. This template is perfect for tracking and visualizing all sorts of data for business. It offers four color schemes with tons of details accent each other. You can check out the version integrated with Node.js and Postgress database. This solution is perfect for e-Commerce apps, it has built-in authentication and login methods, ready to be deployed on hosting, and has a modular architecture. DemoDocumentationLearn More Angular Admin Dashboard by mdBootstrapImage source: One more admin template that doesn’t use jQuery. It was replaced by plain TypeScript. On the demo you can see al sorts of dashboards, tables, profile pages, maps and a 404 page. This temple is very simple and minimalistic yet you can use it for building robust apps. If you decide Angular is a perfect framework for your application take a look at template by mdBootstrap. DemoLearn More VuesticImage source: This admin dashboard was built using Webpack, Chart.js, Leaflet & amMap maps, and medium editor. It has a language switcher, pagination system, 6 types of chart style and progress bars. This admin dashboard template has lots of pre-integrated features, components and widgets required for a modern admin panel. Vuestic…

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