Top 5 Free Courses to Learn Git and Github — Best of Lot

Top 5 Free Courses to Learn Git and Github — Best of Lot hackernoon.com4 years ago in #Dev Love46

Originally published by Javin Paul on November 7th 2018 Top 5 Free Courses to Learn Git and Github — Best of Lot 5 Free Courses to Learn Git and Github One of the important skill for a programmer is to learn and master Git and I have been searching some good tutorials and courses to start with. The Internet is full of git tutorials and a simple Google search will leave you thousands of tutorials but the big question mark is where do you start? It’s easy to pick a tutorial or a blog post if you have some background about what is Git, what it does? and how to use it but if you don’t have much background then you need a course which can tell you all the information from the ground up. I personally like learning from a book or an online course before moving to blog posts as they were often well structured. When you search for Git courses in popular online course websites like Udemy, Pluralsight, or Coursera, you will find some good courses like Git Complete: The Definitive Guide on Udemy and Git Fundamentals from Pluralsight which will teach you everything about Git step by step. These are excellent resources to start with Git. But, some programmers prefer to learn from FREE resources and many of my readers asked me about if I can share some of the good but free git courses they can use to learn Git online by themselves. In this article, I am going to share some of the best free git online courses you can join from your home or office. These are legally free resources, I mean they were made available free by their creators for educational and marketing purpose. If you find that’s not the case then please drop a note and I’ll remove that course. Btw, If you don’t Git, its one of the most popular distributed source control system. You definitely have used other source control software e.g. CVS, SVN, VSS, DFS etc, Git is another one but it’s a little bit different because it’s a distributed source control system, which means you commit changes on your local branch and then push them into remote server (GitHub repository) once you are done. On the other hand, Github is a source code repository i.e. where you can store your source code. In today’s world, a Git repository for programmers is as essential as your Linkedin or Facebook account. That’s the social proof of being a programmer and that’s why I suggest every programmer have their won Github account featuring some of their best code. You should also remember that if you ever have to do a take-home coding test, which many companies nowadays use to screen candidates who are not a good coder, then instead of sending your program into a zip file to them, you better upload into your personal Github repository and send them a link. I have found that many interviewers impressed with this simple act and like to see how you coded the solution with an incremental commit history into Github. The code review is also easy in Github. Remember this tip next time if you have to submit a test code to any company. 5 Online Courses to Learn Git and Github (FREE) Here is a list of some of the best online courses you can join to learn Git and Github for free.  » Read More

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