Top 12 Photoshop Alternatives

Top 12 Photoshop Alternatives

Some brands become so popular that their name becomes associated with the product itself. Photoshop is one of them. Even if people aren’t using Photoshop, they call editing photos as photoshopping.  It’s only natural that Photoshop became so popular as it was the first comprehensive “photoshopping tool”. However, the industry is far from stale. There are dozens if not hundreds of Photoshop alternatives that try to match Photoshop’s quality and beat its steep pricing. Also, it’s no secret that it’s quite difficult to learn Photoshop. In this article, we searched far and wide to find the best photoshop alternatives that are more accessible than the behemoth that Adobe Photoshop is while also bringing the same usability to the table.  Affinity Photo Resource: Affinity Photo is probably the best Photoshop alternative out there. Because unlike most, Affinity is not there to be a substitute for Photoshop but to replace it. It has most of the features you need from the original Photoshop but unlike the steep subscription price of it, you only need to buy it once for an acceptable price. Corel Photo-Paint  Resource: Corel Photo-Paint is another strong contender to be the best Photoshop alternative. It’s part of the full design suite of Corel Draw Design Suite which can be used as an alternative to most of the Adobe suite. However, unlike many tools on this list, this one has a steep price even if you only need to buy the software once. GIMP Resource: GIMP deserves a special spot in this list as it’s the only open-source and completely free tool here. We have a soft spot for open-source software and GIMP doesn’t disappoint its users as it covers almost all of the Photoshop features. It’s web-based so, like most web-based photoshop alternatives, it can be slow at times but it still gets the job done easily. Don’t forget to check our free GIMP brushes article as there are many options that GIMP offers. Pixelmator Pro Resource: Just like many other photoshop alternatives, Pixelmator Pro is also a tool only available for Mac OS. It’s an excellent alternative to Photoshop as it has a simpler UI while retaining most of the usability and is a lot cheaper than Photoshop. Acorn Resource: Acorn is another Mac OS-only photoshop alternative that is a lot cheaper than the original Photoshop and it’s a one-time purchase. Acorn started off as a cheap Photoshop alternative for people who needed solid photo editing software without the entire functionality and price tag of Photoshop but in the last 13 years, it has added many functionalities and has become a robust alternative to photoshop.  Pixlr Resource: Pixlr is one of the best tools to get into photo editing. It’s a web-based photoshop alternative that is extremely cheap compared to the steep prices that similar tools have. It’s also web-based so it’s particularly a good option for novices as normally photo editing or design software like Photoshop can be quite heavy on your hardware.  Pic Monkey  Resource: Pic Monkey is another good photoshop alternative for people who might not have the necessary hardware to work efficiently on photo editing. It’s a web-based tool that is also extremely affordable and has most of the photoshop features.  » Read More

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