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Top 10 Best Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers It’s hardly a surprise why so many professionals take to tracking their time while working.  While many of them have accounting in mind, others do it to know if they’ve been managing their time efficiently enough.  Time tracking apps have surged in popularity, one of the significant driving factors being the rise of freelancing services online.  As more and more people adapt to the digital marketplace, time tracking becomes a valuable practice that can spell the difference between a day well spent and a day poorly used. Statistics fully supports time tracking paradigms: it is estimated that you can minimise productivity leaks by as much as 80% when using a time tracking app.  This software is not just for those who bill their services on an hourly basis. 16% of all individuals who track their time are salaried professionals.  Thus, time tracking software can prove invaluable in managing your time and productivity at work.  We’ve done the hard work for you, presenting a list of the top 10 best time tracking apps you should try. 1 – Time Doctor Time Doctor is a well-known name in the time tracking app space. The app is trusted and used by thousands of users across the world, including professionals working in big tech enterprises.  The best thing about Time Doctor is that it is highly customisable and adapts itself to suit your specific time tracking requirements with ease.  Features Powerful Time Tracking Time Doctor features a very versatile time tracker that can be used by companies to track the time every team member spends on a task.  It is possible to see time tracked in several views: by projects, clients, and tasks.  Time Doctor makes it wonderfully easy to identify activities that have been reducing productivity. Reports & Analytics  The app offers highly detailed reports and data. It is possible to see the websites and apps the user ended spending the most time on as well as break time down by tasks.  Time Doctor yields useful insights not just for managers but for employees too. The latter can see daily reports of their performance and strive to improve productivity by working on their weaknesses. Integrates Everything Does your team use Slack? Asana? Trello? GitHub? Well, these and many other apps are all supported and will happily integrate with Time Doctor.  This makes it convenient to use the app as a part of a well-established enterprise workflow. Pricing  Time Doctor is currently priced at around $9.99 per user per month, which makes it one of the most affordable apps boasting a rich feature set.  2 – Harvest  Harvest is perfect for freelancing professionals who need a simple way of billing their hours and tracking their expenditure. Features Invoicing Support Harvest has built-in invoicing support which means it is possible to create invoices from your timesheets using an automated process. You could also create an invoice manually from scratch. Track Invoices Harvest lets you track all your invoices and get a bird’s eye perspective of all the work you’ve completed. The app also shows your annual revenue and enables you to share your invoices with your clients easily. Forecast and Planning The Forecast feature in the app allows users to map out their work schedules. Managers can use the app to see when the team is available to take on tasks and create rich visual maps.  Pricing Harvest offers a free version for one user that supports up to two projects. The Pro version costs $12 per month. 3 – Toggl Toggl is another popular time tracking app that will work silently without…

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