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It’s #WorldEmojiDay! To celebrate this visual digital language that changed the way we communicate, Adobe shared it’s Emoji Trend report that can be viewed here. It’s basically the results from a survey they conducted with 1,000 users and you will be surprised by some of its results. We shared some of the highlights right in the article so give it a look and make sure to send an Emoji to that special someone (or more) today. 🙏 In their words This World Emoji Day, we’re excited to unpack the cultural phenomenon of emoji with the release of our first-ever Emoji Trend Report. In this year’s report, we surveyed 1,000 emoji users in the U.S. to learn more about the impact of this emerging digital language…. Image Courtesy by Adobe Some highlights from Adobe’s Report: Emoji users’ top three favorite emojis are 😂 (#1), ❤️ (#2), 😘 (#3). Love, happiness and sadness are the top three emotions users express through emojis. 81% believe those who use emojis are friendlier and more approachable. 65% of emoji users are more comfortable expressing their emotions through emojis than a phone call. This is especially true for Gen Z’ers (83%). When emojis are used at work, the majority of emoji users feel they positively impact likability (78%), credibility (63%) and make positive news more sincere (74%). Emojis’ greatest benefits include the ability to communicate across language barriers (94%) and instantly share thoughts and ideas (90%). 73% wish they had more emoji customization options to better reflect their personal appearance/identity. 64% are more likely to open an email from a brand with their favorite emoji in the subject line. URL Out – – abduzeedo.comDate – 2019-07-17 18:15:38

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