The Whimsical Web – Websites that Spark Joy

The Whimsical Web – Websites that Spark Joy whimsical.club2 years ago in #Web Design Love23

Click the hamburger icon in Wells’ footer and you get – well hamburgers, duh. Night mode at Nikita’s site is a bit darker than you might be used to. Thankfully you still get a flashlight. Connect the dots on Timo’s site and he’ll draw a unique illustration around it. Press the “Chaos” button in the corner of Luke’s site and see what happens. I mean you can probably take a guess. If you’re feeling nostalgic, Patrick has got you covered with his Win98-themed website. There’s even a DOS prompt! Gregory sits at his desk to welcome you personally on his website. Click around the office, or fly out the window and see where he’s lived. Zach’s site has a unique nautical design. Turn on the sound and scroll around for the full underwater-synth experience! Steven first got into design making visualizations for WinAmp, and it shows. His site is full of music, animation and WebGL goodness. The header on Tom’s website has guitar strings you can actually play! I tried doing Seven Nation Army, but failed. Still cool. If you find one of the Steves hidden online and in real life, it’ll be marked as yours forever. Find all of them and you unlock the power of a thousand suns.  » Read More

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