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Phase 1: Activate the team Before we even embarked on the visioning journey, we first had to build the right group by combining key members from both the visioning and learning product teams. From the visioning team, we paired a researcher—who leads our efforts to understand users and their unmet needs—with a designer who translates user insights into tangible ideas and solutions. These two “visioners,” as we like to call them, worked closely together throughout the project, with the designer heavily involved in research and the researcher heavily involved in conceptualizing new ideas.  We’ve learned that partnering closely with existing product teams, rather than working in isolation, significantly improves the quality of the vision and the likelihood that it’ll become a reality. In this case, we assembled a small cross-functional group from the learning team representing product management, UX, engineering, content partnerships, marketing, and business strategy. This group, combined with the aforementioned visioners, became our working team for this project.  URL Out – – design.googleDate – 2019-12-27 23:30:03

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