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Similarly to the problem of focus, content-saturated websites can often be difficult to navigate. If the user interface is not enough to point the visitors in appropriate directions, we have to resort to other elements to serve as road signs. Animation is one such element, and a highly efficient one, too. The main job animation has in terms of site orientation is not so much to aid navigation (getting from one part of the site or page to another) but to shed a light on the website’s hidden architecture. Understanding what lies beneath (or above) helps the user gain confidence and reduces cognitive load. User experience is, therefore, significantly enhanced. For example, imagine a very long page with a lot of vertically arranged content. With a page like that, you have anchors near the beginning (at least we hope you do!) that, when clicked, take the user to the associated content. If you use animation to take the user all the way down to where the anchor points, he or she will have an impression of actually traveling the distance and will understand where that particular content is located within the page structure. If you just bluntly display the content without “traveling,” it will probably feel too abstract and perhaps a bit confusing. URL Out – – qodeinteractive.comDate – 2019-10-09 21:09:35

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