The Evolution of the iPhone V1 to VX

March 31, 2016 Year after year, Apple’s handsets have grown in size, but 2016’s iPhone SE has challenged the trend towards phablet-isation, showing that Apple is finally listening to the growing group of customers who crave a pocket-sized iPhone that has modern, show-stopping specs. The SE’s 4″ screen is indeed the same as 2013’s 5s, but with double the CPU performance, triple the GPU power and the all-new iOS 9.3, the SE is an altogether more potent beast, matching the capabilities of the September 2015’s 6s. This naturally means speedy usage, but thanks to the same rear camera, a similar battery, and the same front camera as the iPhone 6, the experience is flagship by nature, yet unashamedly low price. Encased in a slick metal cover that comes in four colours, the SE is certainly aimed at the budget end of the market – important given that Apple’s future growth lies in countries such as India and China. It’s cheaper than the 5C was on launch, which clearly shows Apple is deliberately trying to undercut the small selection of high-end, small-screen Android devices on the market. Set for release on March 31st, if you love your phones neat and tidy, the SE could be the handset for you. URL Out – – uk.protectyourbubble.comDate – 2019-10-03 22:34:08

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