The Art of Ecommerce

What’s included in an ecommerce website We looked at 100s of ecommerce sites to distill down what the optimal structure for a successful online store is. The most important pages we discovered are the Homepage, Products, Our Story, and FAQ. We’ll dig into the product pages in a bit. Homepage The homepage of your website is meant to be the summary of your offering. A successful homepage makes it easy for customers to understand what you’re offering and access ways that they can purchase your product. Checklist Noteworthy features of your products 6g of protein in a regular cup of coffee. Learn more Checklist Clear links to pages to purchase your products Homepage Checklist Descriptive headline Large visuals that showcase your product Obvious calls to actions (eg. Shop now, Buy now) Clear links to pages to purchase your products Noteworthy features of your products Testimonials, quotes or social proof on why someone should buy your product Unique incentives such as guarantees Soft lead capture (eg. Newsletter form) Our story You’re selling more than a product, you’re selling your brand. A story page helps communicate to your customers what you believe in and why they should purchase from you. If potential customers align with your values, they’re more likely to purchase from you. FAQs A FAQ is a simple way to quickly organize and present common concerns and questions someone might consider before purchasing your product. Pay attention to the common issues people have and write convincing answers to their hesitations. Writing your brand story Writing an honest brand story that connects with your audience can be an overwhelming task, it requires a balance of introspection and pragmatism. With any type of writing, it’s important to just start writing and improve as you go. Your story may not be perfect the first time, but it will improve and maybe even change as you and your company evolve. When beginning your story, think of these three questions as a beginning framework: What do we value? Think of why you started the company. Why this business or this product? In an ideal world, what impact or effect does your company have on your customers? What are we creating and whatmakes us different? Describe what it is you’re selling, is it a product, an experience, what’s the thing that makes you unique? Don’t just list features, think about the problems you’re solving. How do we approach this? Beyond your product, is there anything unique about your business or the way that you approach creating or selling your product? URL Out – – sidesupply.comDate – 2019-10-09 21:27:50

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