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[3] Each group will be asked to recreate their dish using provided materials, with the goal of perfect imitation. (although “imitation” and “imperfect imitation” are also acceptable)Stefan… even if this is going to be an awesome imitation, please don’t eat the foam!This is the fun part! How does one make an imitation of food with a whole bunch of materials that look nothing like food?Answer: Creatively.Monitors used spray paint, nuts, bolts, scrap fabric and foam to sculpt their way to finished food pieces![4] The moderator will then begin the 35 minute timer, with the intent that groups will take ~5 min to plan their approach and 30 min to (frantically) build.Hustle. Hustle. HUSTLE!In a space where safety always comes first, it is amazing to see the crossover between best practices, creativity, design and PANIC.The best part about this activity was seeing the smiles, camaraderie and excitement generated by such an absurd design prompt 🙂[5] As with all good feasts, the final piece of this activity is the sharing of the joy!The best part of this activity is when you get to see it all come together. From the small groups, to the greater collective, everyone was excited to see what creative creations had come from this activity.In a space where creativity abounds, it is always incredible to see what a group of well-equipped and well-motivated students can produce!There’s always a seat for you at our table — see you after the break! URL Out – – medium.comDate – 2019-11-29 19:55:49

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