Symphony in Acid – Typography, Sound and (the Limits of) Language [Video]

Symphony in Acid – Typography, Sound and (the Limits of) Language [Video]

Created as a collaboration between Max Cooper (song) and Ksawery Komputery (video code), ‘Symphony in Acid‘ is a (generative) song video that maps each sound to the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, 1921) with references to the combo of orchestral-like synths with 303-like synthesis of acid space. In addition to a passive (observer) revel in of observing the embed under, Ksawery additionally created a are living rendering website model of the undertaking the place you’ll be able to have interaction with the machine and (should you so need) have your individual face rendered in Wittgenstein’s phrases. I became to the writing of Ludwig Wittgenstein, who tackled this factor of the issues with phrases and their lack of ability to seize each side of our lives. It approaches problems with human expression and the hyperlinks between our symbolism and life, however does so in an incomprehensibly dense method, for me a minimum of, which used to be ripe for presenting as artwork reasonably than a technical studying problem. Max Cooper I in finding the distance between hypertext & 100-year-old paper each important & inspiring. With my former revel in in business internet construction, it used to be amusing & refreshing to make use of my equipment from again then for this new method. The dense soundtrack induced my code in robust tactics. As I concentrate to it now, I will virtually listen atoms interacting, gravitating against each and every different to shape an object, & then – a complete surroundings. Such a large viewpoint fuels the creativeness & fits the logical-philosophical soul inside of Wittgenstein’s papers. Ksawery Komputery The video begins with only a few letters, that construct a phrase, then a sentence, & in any case – entire blocks of textual content. Both the website and the video are launched concurrently with because the undertaking. For the ones in the programming side, you canaccess the supply code and a couple of interactive choices are to be had to play with visuals the use of your mouse & keyboard. Project Page | Max Cooper | Ksawery Komputery Credits: Max Cooper (song, inventive course), Ksawery Kirklewski (design, movement, coding), James Palmer-Bullock (artist consultant), Anthony Faulkner (label supervisor), Gareth Williams (Mesh Lab supervisor), Matthew Maxey and Rosalie De Meyer (public members of the family)Kaspar Broyd, Max Cooper, Niel Orens, String and Tins – Dolby Atmos combine sound engineers / Love  » Read More

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