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Knowing what your customers care about, the targets they are trying to meet and the problems they are trying to solve is foundational knowledge for every member of your team. Understanding your customers better should be a core activity of your business. So, what do we need to know to get a better understanding of our customers? “Your customer’s success is your company’s success” How can you work out what success means for your customers? To understand your customers you’ve got to get cosy with customer research. Arguably, before you make any business or product decisions you should have strong evidence from your customer research (or potential-customer research) that they want and need what you’re offering. Customer research doesn’t end after you’ve collected this information. The analysis and dissemination of all this information to the entirety of your team is equally as important as collecting it. Everyone should know who your customers are and what they want – whether they work directly with customers or not. It makes everyone better at their job and better at creating products and tools that will bring your customers success – which is, after all, the central reason for your business existing. Try out some of the methods and techniques below to better understand your customers. Interviews The best way to understand what your customer want is to ask them. Crazy, right? Over the phone or in-person is preferable. We’ve personally found that this is the best way to build a relationship with our customers and be able to tailor the interview with specific follow up questions. However, this isn’t always possible – when it isn’t try email, live chat, or a tool like TypeForm as a good alternative. It’s worth planning out a list of questions before you pick up the phone. Remember to use a mix of open and closed questions, and try not to lead the customer into answers that you think you want. The truth is always more helpful. Here are three questions to get you started: How did you find our product? By asking this questions what you’re really getting to understand is why they found your product. What problem were they trying to solve? What did they search for and what questions were the asking? What is the biggest issue you are currently having in (the relevant area) of your business?Dig deeper into your customer’s pain points and find out exactly what they are struggling with, you might be able to see places where you can help that they have overlooked. Or you might realise your product can’t help them – both are good learnings. What are your goals? This answer will reveal a lot about your customer and will help you to get closer to understanding how (and if) your product is going to help them. Ask for feedback Asking for feedback is very similar in format to customer interview, but emerges as a reaction to an action taken by your customers. Live chat and on-site message prompts are a really smart way to utilise marketing automation to better understand your customer’s behaviour. Knowing what to write in a message prompt can be tricky but once you’ve nailed it and the replies start coming in, this is invaluable information for your business. This detailed feedback, specific to a moment and an action, allows you to understand exactly where customers are successfully using your product and where they might need help. Try some of these approaches as chat prompts to get you started: Can I help you with this? By asking if someone needs help you’re leaving this…

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