Studio Lava Beijing is Erupting with Puns and Playful Designs

Studio Lava Beijing is Erupting with Puns and Playful Designs itsnicethat.com3 months ago in #Design Love63

If there’s something studio Lava Beijing loves, it’s a just right pun. “Waiting for the shaggy dog story to drop calls for the viewer’s involvement”, starts design director Céline Lamée, “I feel in design this is no other”. And so, while loving to weave jokes and quips right through their paintings, the studio additionally needs to verify their audiences in fact get their humour. “We put one thing available in the market and we want the viewer to finish the ‘shaggy dog story’. Only then I believe we’ve made a a hit design. However humorous or artful we expect a piece is, if our shopper doesn’t see it, we will have to get started over.” And, importantly, Céline provides, the staff is at all times positive to not take themselves too significantly; “we’re now not medics or pilots”. On most sensible of this basis of funniness, the studio at all times strives for a degree of visible simplicity. Sticking to 1 thought at a time, the staff avoids layering concepts and condenses their paintings “right down to its most simple shape in order that everybody can know it”. It’s those two poles of pondering – humour and simplicity – that outline the studio’s five-year collaboration with Jujukong, a puppy snack logo. A “blank spoil” from conventional dog food packaging, the designs depend on an illustrative taste, depicting more than a few spirit animals. With howling wolves, and a growling, dog-faced moon, Céline tells us that the packaging used to be designed to “trap the wild dog spirit”. Basing the concept that of “totems” and that includes religious iconography the id additionally demonstrates “the complexity and sophistication of guy’s perfect good friend”. Sticking throughout the flora and fauna, ultimate yr’s theme for the China International Fashion Fair (CHIC) – for whom the studio created a visible id – used to be “lawn”. Hoping to encourage a “spring-like feeling”, with an array of abstracted flora, the id used to be as attention-grabbing because it used to be fascinating. With the honest being divided into 13 classes, the studio gave every one a flower to compare, lots of which have been selected for his or her importance inside of Chinese tradition in addition to their herbal good looks, similar to hibiscus, lotus and peonies. Featuring a black background, with shiny luminescent flora, the designs completely mix the sophistication related with the craze global and the vibrancy of plants and fauna. Love  » Read More

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