Slack Adds Giphy to Every Chatroom

Slack Adds Giphy to Every Chatroom giphy.com1 week ago in #Silicon Valley Love61

We’ve teamed up with Slack to bring GIFs straight into your chatrooms. For the first time ever, Giphy support is built right into the chat client so you don’t have to do any dev work to set it up. To activate it, just type /giphy hello into any Slack chat (channels, DMs, and private groups all work). From there, you can summon pepperoni pizza french bulldog GIFs or timely reaction GIFs to your heart’s content with a /giphy keyword command. Slack’s using Giphy Translate, the first-ever “text-to-GIF” translation service powered by our API. Translate draws on our search, but is designed to handle translating from one vocabulary to another. In this case, words and complete phrases to GIFs. WUT?! For a full list of Slack easter eggs, click HERE.  » Read More

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