Importance of CAPTCHA in Web Security #Silicon Valley
4 months ago
Importance of CAPTCHA in Web Security

In this post, we will reveal the significance of CAPTCHA in web security and why you should use it on your website? In this digital age, every primary internet user must have encountered the CAPTCHA when visiting certain websites.  What is CAPTCHA? If you ever wondered what it means, CAPTCHA entirely means “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” CAPTCHA is a program that checks if the website visitor is a human or some malicious spambots. They are usually (but not only) randomly generated colorful text and distorted, so software robots are unable to interpret the text. Why CAPTCHA? Those images are annoying. For this reason, one may ask, “why CAPTCHA, and why should I incorporate it into my website?” The CAPTCHA test emerged as a test to detect if computers possessed artificial intelligence, i.e., they could reason like humans. During this research, they discovered that…

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