GitHub and US Government Developers #Silicon Valley
6 months ago
GitHub and US Government Developers

At GitHub, we believe in empowering developers around the world. We also believe in basic human rights and treating people with respect and dignity. Today, I wanted to share a message I sent to all employees yesterday that is related to this, as it is important that we share our views on immigration policy with the world and not just internally with employees. Hubbers, In August, the GitHub leadership team learned about a pending renewal of our product by the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Since then, we have been talking with people throughout the company, based on our own personal concerns and those raised by Hubbers. This topic is important to me and the rest of the GitHub leadership team. I wanted to connect with you directly and share details on what we know about this purchase, and the principles by which we make decisions in these…

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