Firefox Browser will Block the IAB's DigiTrust Universal ID #Silicon Valley
3 months ago
Firefox Browser will Block the IAB's DigiTrust Universal ID

Mozilla intends to block the DigiTrust consortium from tracking users in its Firefox browser, a blow for the IAB-led effort to create a standardized online user ID that’s designed to reduce the online ad industry’s reliance on third-party cookies. DigiTrust, a non-profit acquired by the IAB Tech Lab last year, is working to create a universal, persistent and anonymized user ID. Member companies include prominent ad tech players MediaMath, OpenX, LiveRamp and others. Buy-side DigiTrust members pay a monthly fee to participate, while publisher participants access the service for free. Similar to other shared identity solutions, DigiTrust offers a pseudonymous and encrypted identifier that can be stored in a first-party cookie provided by the publisher. Other participants can utilize the same identifier on subsequent bid requests and user visits to that publisher’s site via the browser, instead of needing to submit third-party network requests each time a person loads a publisher’s…

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